Natural bamboo fiber production process

Tre body-> piece Tre-> steaming piece Tre-> dam , decaying piece Tre-> enzymatic degumming students learn-> carded fiber Tre-> bamboo fiber itself nhien-> woven on fabric

It can be said that Bamboo fabric is one of the most fashionable fabrics today, bamboo fiber fabric is durable and beautiful, compared to other plant-based textile materials, bamboo fiber fabric is the fabric that retains most of its original features. of the tree. With a texture similar to silk, bamboo fabric is soft and absorbent 3-4 times better than cotton. Moreover, thanks to inherited properties from bamboo, bamboo fabric has natural antibacterial ability, limiting the growth of bacteria on clothes that cause unpleasant odors.

Currently, We are distributing special bamboo fabric products.

Main product lines:

Shirt fabric:

  1. T/C 80/20
  2. T/C 65/35
  3. P/V 80/20
  4. P/V 65/35
  5. CVC
  6. 100% C
  7. T/C spandex
  8. T/Modal
  9. And many more ingredients

Trouser fabric:

  1. T/R 80/20
  2. T/R 65/35
  3. T/R spandex
  4. T/R/W 65/25/10
  5. T/W 50/50
  6. T/W 70/30
  7. T/W 30/70
  8. 100% Wool
  9. And many more ingredients

Yarn Dyed Fabric