Standard OeKO-Tex® 100

The OeKO-Tex® 100 Standard is a worldwide unified testing and certification system for raw materials, semi-finished products and products in the textile industry, covering all levels of production with for the purpose of ensuring total absence of hazardous substances.
Toxic substance testing includes substances prohibited by law, restricted substances, chemicals that affect health as well as specialized parameters to ensure human health. All tests are carried out by selected independent research institutes and testing institutes with sufficient expertise.

Basic OeKO-Tex® certification is built in packages: certification can be applied for each product level throughout the production chain of the textile industry. The certificate for the previous product/sales, in terms of the overall production chain, will be fully recognized in the subsequent stages of production. Once the testing process is complete, the tested product will be allowed to carry the OeKO-Tex® brand.
The OEkO-TEx® 100 standard certificate is supplemented with the OEkO-TEx® 1000 standard certificate. This is an eco-friendly testing, inspection and certification system for factories. There is also the standard certificate OEkO-TEx® 100 Plus issued to companies after obtaining the certificate according to the standard.

How many different types of Oeko-Tex® certificates are there?
To date, more than 100,000 certificates have been issued and millions-millions of products have been and are carrying the OeKO-Tex® trademark.
The criterion of “trust in fabric products” means responsible, safe and transparent production for manufacturers, traders along the supply chain of the apparel industry, for consumers. use fashion products, functional garments with a variety of colors.
The OEkO-TEx® 100 also proves that all of their sites throughout the production chain meet all the requirements of the OEkO-TEx® 1000 standard.