Fabric Company Limited Cuong Thuan Phat was founded by Mr. Quach Toan Phat with over 8 years experience in the industry , and more than 30 workshops providing selected fabrics and abroad. Overall Company Limited Cuong Thuan silks ruled striving to become one of the top 10 providers shirt and trousers fabric in Vietnam to 2021 and is the trusted supplier of fabric for the world market.

The core values:


Building and protecting reputation for customers. Building a solid foundation for the parallel development between the company and customers.


Professional demeanor, quick response, and full enthusiasm for customers


We always consider creativity as vitality and a lever for development.promote the spirit of dare to think and dare to do

To respect:

The entire Cuong Thuan Phat Fabric Co., Ltd considers respect as the foundation for building prestige and the steady development of the company and customers.